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Our business is proud to provide to employees with opportunities that will help them prosper in any working environment. Whether you will be working at a commercial or residential property, The Cleaning Agents will give you the tools and knowledge necessary in order complete cleaning and maintenance duties of all kinds. Through our Cleaning Agents Academy, you will be provided with a paid two-week, intensive program that will provide you with the skills that will help you succeed in the work areas that you will be assigned to. It is important for our employees to work in an environment that will help them succeed in their work duties. We work diligently to create a company culture that is supportive, trustworthy and ethical for all individuals who work for The Cleaning Agents.

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Would you like to work for a business that will help you succeed in every step of the way, while also helping many other individuals who are in need of additional assistance? Consider becoming a cleaning agent. Fill out an application below and if we believe you fit our criteria, we will contact you as soon as we can. For more information regarding this position, click here to get started.

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